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Melting Mysore pak to butter-soft Mysore silks by Sarees are my passion

Mysore Silk - Sarees are my passion

It is called as City of Palaces, the cultural capital of Karnataka, heritage palaces, magnificent buildings, art galleries, and monuments. Mysore has lent its name from renowned dishes like Mysore Masala Dosa which leaves me craving for melting dessert called Mysore Pak(sweet-dessert). Mysore, the original name of this city was 'Mahishapura' which is derived from the demon named Mahishasura. Mysore officially renamed as Mysuru is one of the districts in Karnataka state.

Few most attractions are Ambavilas Palace, Jaganmohan Palace, Jayalakshmi Vilas Mansion Lalitha Mahal. Not only it is famous for Palaces but also in artwork such as Rosewood Inlay work, Ganjifa Art and classical south Indian painting called Mysore painting. Taking the blessing from lord Goddess Chamundeshwari from the foothills of Chamundi is a must when you visit Mysore and finally how can I forget to mention festivities that takes place here during the period of Dasara(Nadahabba) attract a worldwide audience.

In India almost each and every state has it's own saree weaved and how interesting it is to know, that India is one of the second largest consumer of silk in the world. Sarees are the most fascinating unstitched garment, that every women loves! So lets us now check the renowned traditional sarees from Karnataka which are Ilkal silk sarees, molakalmuru sarees and now comes the turn of cultural capital of south Karnataka that's the fine taste of pure Royal Mysore silks.

Roots of History and Traces
Initially the 'silk fabrics' and 'silk sarees' were manufactured exclusively for Royal family and armed forces. KSIC, was established in the year 1912 by the Maharaja of Mysore province, Naalwadi Krishnaraj Wadiar. Once Maharaja Krishna Raja Wadiyar IV went to Britain for Queen Victoria’s jubilee celebrations and during his visit he was impressed by 'Silk fabric' which was used by British royalty which was machine made, this inspired him to order 32 power-looms, from Switzerland thus begin the earliest known production of machine made silk saree in India. After India Independence, Mysore Sericulture Dept took control of the silk weaving factory, later in the year 1980 the silk weaving factory handed over to Karnataka Silk Industries Corporation Ltds(KSIC). There are presently two silk factories the first one being in Mysore(Mysuru) which is the country’s oldest silk manufacturing unit in the heart of the Mysore city and is spread over acres and the second factory which is located in T. Narasipura which is 25 kms away from the Mysore silk saree making factory and silk weaving factory in Mysore, presently owned by KSIC and this company is being certified as ISO 9001:2000, and is the only organization to give guarantee for its zari.

The weaving process involves two types of looms by which it is manufactured namely

  • Jacquard looms
  • Dobby looms

Butter soft Mysore silk saree are available in mediums such as

  • Mysore Chiffon silk saree
  • Mysore Georgette silk saree
  • Mysore Crepe silk saree
    1. Mysore semi-crepe sarees
    2. Mysore zari printed crepe silk

Unique embroidered identification code

Mysore Silk - factory unique code - Sarees are my passion

Printed seal mentioning(KSIC)Mysore silk 100% pure Mysore silk
Mysore Silk - factory seal - Sarees are my passion

Luxury Mysore silk saree varities can be sub-classified
Based on designs, border, pallu, patterns these luxury sarees can be sub-classified as zari printed saree, small mango saree, tissue Saree, traditional zari Saree, checked zari saree sunrise design saree, mango border saree, butta pallu saree, double line checks saree, embroidery design saree, rich pallu saree, Jawar border saree, zari print saree, rich pallu zari saree, big butta pallu zari, medium small checks plain saree and printsallover saree.

Fascinating facts to know more about century old saree

  • Mysore silk saree weighs anywhere between 400 and 600 grams approximately
  • Each saree is given unique embroidered identification code opposite edge of the pallu and a hologram to prevent misuse and that allows you be sure of authenticity
  • Printed seal saying(KSIC) Mysore silk 100% pure Mysore silk
  • KSIC introduces water-resistant saree for higher priced sarees
  • Zari/Jari used by KSIC will never tarnish
  • Not only plain simple weave they have but also available in printed silk sarees as well
  • Kasuti embroidery and Bandhani designs is also been added as an embellishments to variants of saree
  • More than 115 varieties of sarees and more than 300 shades of colors which are designed by the KSIC
  • They use gold, silver threads for zari/jari
  • Obtained geographical indication(GI) registration

The main body or base of the saree
The main body of Mysore silk, most popular one is plain, so if you fan of plain and simple colors make sure be careful of stains, this will show spots as well. The other ones carries checks, strips as well. Each saree is measured 5.5 width(in metres) and a blouse-piece material attached to it.

When it comes to colors there are around 300 shades of colors, some are plain and simple with single tones and some comes with contrast shades. But as far as my personal choice I love Combination with contrast shades one which I am head on heals is oil red with black!

Border the game changer
Traditional ones are most are beautifully incorporated like mango border, Gold lace border, thin zari border, Jawar border and so on.

Why there is a massive fan following for Mysore silk saree ?

  • Texture of the saree is butter-soft and hence superfine weave
  • Majority of the saree has minimalist design
  • Lustre(gentle sheen)
  • Durable
  • Non-crush quality
  • Can be gifted as a legacy collection
  • The fabric is opaque
  • It still remains brand new after years of draping it

Mysore Silk - Red Saree - Sarees are my passion

How one will feel once you drape Mysore silk saree?

  • Butter-soft-feel of the texture
  • These sarees glides and hence easy to drape
  • Light-weight elegance and delicate woven silk yarns
  • Sleek and sober look
  • Lastly the sophisticated and a statement attire can be drape for long hours so comfortably

Products not just limited to sarees alone
KSIC is not just limited to silk sarees but also has spread across there line of products which include finest of salwar kameez, designer silk sarees, men shirts, kurta’s, silk shawls, anarkali suits, stoles, silk dhoti and men’s tie soft silks, scarfs, hankeys, neck ties, stoles and ethnic clutches.

Why Mysore silk is so expensive?
The reason being why it is so expensive comparative to other silks is that they use high quality pure silk and 100% pure gold zari, this is the reason the price of Mysore silk is a bit expensive!

How to identify genuine Mysore silk

  • Printed seal saying(KSIC)Mysore silk 100% pure Mysore silk which is printed were you initially tuck the saree
  • Unique embroidered identification code as well

Fabric care for Mysore silk saree:

  • Silk fabrics is best to be given for dry-cleaning, as they use 'chemical solvent' other than water to clean the fabric, they generally use non water based solvents to remove soil and stains from fabric.
  • Avoid storing this precious sarees in polythene bags, warp these sarees in clean muslin cloth and store them.
  • Never wring the silk fabric.
  • Once in a while make sure, you change the folds of the saree.
  • Make sure these butter soft sarees to preserve against dampness and moisture.
  • Once in a year or twice in a year, also expose zari part of the sarees for few minutes to the mild-sunlight once.
  • If ironing the silk fabric, check out for silk-settings in the iron box, keep the fabric settings as medium or low heat or delicate/silk setting and iron the fabric always on backside of the silk fabric.

My personal note
I appreciate weaves across India, it's just art end of the day, no matter how cost effective the weave or how expensive to the sky, every weave requires equal amount of passion, dedication and hours of laborious work involved in it. Mysore silk is one of the aesthetically textured fabrics I have ever come across till date, I just cannot express more, one have to feel it!

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Parrot Motif ↗
Saturday' 13-Mar-2021
Parrot motif, the bird of love and fortuneteller, Sarees are my passion
You call them as pet birds, the bird of love, best known for fortune-telling, these small little birds who are extremely friendly, many times repeating people’s words and phrases. As a child, I do recollect when I used to shop, I used to say parrot green not much of shade/tones or hues I knew those days and Parrot are called by varies names such as Tota, Kili, gini, Popata, Chiluka, tatta, shua and so on and it is considered as auspicious symbol having one.
Parrot motifs, many a times often used in couture designed for both brides and grooms and are prominently present in textiles from West Bengal, Gujarat, Tamil Nadu and Rajasthan. Parrot motifs are widely used in Chanderi sarees, Paithani saree of Maharashtra, Kanchipuram Organza sarees, Kanchipuram silk sarees, Pochampally silk sarees and the art sarees called Kalamkari, this cute bird symbolising passion and courtship.

Yali Motif ↗
Saturday' 13-Mar-2021
The ferocious Yali!
Appearance during Weddingbells, Ceremonies as guest how special it would be? It is believed to be more powerful than Lion, Tiger or elephant, often sculpted in the walls and pillars, seen in south Indian temples and many a times seen in entrance of temples and homes to keep away evil.
It is called by varies names such as Yali, Vyala, Vidala in Sanskrit and Leogryph (part lion and part griffin)in English. In iconography mythical beast Yali is portrayed as head of a Lion, tusks of an elephant(gaja), catlike elegant body, tail of a serpent(snake) and they became much prominent in south Indian sculptures during 16th century. Even the masterweavers of Kanchipuram are inspired by traditional motifs inspired by temple art, the luxury mulberry silks are handcrafted in Yali motifs.

Elephant Motif ↗
Saturday' 13-Mar-2021
The Royal march floating in textiles, Sarees are my passion
In India, Elephants motifs are richly used in Indian textiles Industry, Elephants were used by kings during wars in India. It is considered as auspicious animal and called by varies names such as Yanai, Hathi, Āne and so on. Elephant symbolizes royalty, prosperity, fertility, strength and wisdom. Our traditional motifs are deeply influenced by religious belief, culture, religious beliefs, environment, architecture, history, day to day activities which are carried out in life and so on and thus motifs represent over poetic expressions, and devotional characters, which can be interpretation of expression as well in the form of motifs.

Patteda Anchu Saree ↗
Saturday' 13-Mar-2021
I never heard of Patteda Anchu Saree before
Well, many of them are not aware of this weave in the same state, it's an irony. Lack of awareness and less usage leads to this stage. It was in the year 2016 I first saw the Patteda Anchu Saree and I was very impressed at the first glance, for its simplicity and minimalistic weave, no woven designs these characteristics caught my attention towards this weave. Being and brought up in Karnataka, I was just familiar with Ilkal Saree, Molakalmuru Saree, KSIC Mysore Silk, Banahatti Saree, Hubli Saree because my mother had these magnificent weaves, and she wore them very often. When I told her about Patteda Anchu Saree, she was astonished and happy to shop one...

Sponsors - Sarees are my passion ↗
Saturday' 13-Mar-2021
Over the years my passion, enthusiasm and dedication towards research became more prominent, addiction and thirst to learn new, which became everyday routine. I recall the cherished memories when I was seven, passion towards art and fabrics caught my attention, my mind was frittering what to do next once I pursue my University education. Later quitting a conventional job and taking plunge to dive towards soul's eternal journey and being laid back and do what you love isn't it interesting? That is how Sarees are my passion is born.

Dupion Silk Sarees ↗
Saturday' 13-Mar-2021
Dupion silk the irregular crispness weave by Sarees are my passion
High tea or any festive occasion, not always one prefer's a saree which are too bright and jazzy, many times I appreciate simple plain weaves, one such elegant weave is Dupion! It has its own corporate rustic look what more one just want to express? Dupion is also called by Douppioni or Dupioni. One of the oldest city in India is Varanasi(Banaras), this city is located on the banks of the Ganges in the Uttar Pradesh state and it is one of the Major centers of manufacturing these Dupion silks.

Khesh Cotton Sarees from West Bengal India ↗
Saturday' 13-Mar-2021
The art of blending of old and new?
Craving for summer fruits is a must for some like me haha Peaches, the juicy Mangoes, cooling Watermelons what not and what about pairing a perfect outfit the saree for this season is also very important how many of you agree with me? So let's get started, guess what today I would be taking to West Bengal? The guesswork starts ... is it Baluchari, Tant, Begampuri sarees or the brilliantly woven Jamdani, nope it's one of the artistic weave called Khesh sarees.

Ilkal Handloom Chikki Paras Saree from Karnataka - VLOG ↗
Saturday' 13-Mar-2021
Handloom sarees are one of the most classic ones and will never go out of fashion no matter what new sarees comes in trend. In Karnataka there are so many such sarees which are yet to come to the light, I'm trying to reach via my blog post and my youtube channel Sarees are my passion to educate, discover and learn about sarees. Here is one such Vintage Ilkal Saree from Bagalkot district of Karnataka state.

Kanchi Cotton Sarees ↗
Saturday' 13-Mar-2021
A touch of tradition, Heritage cottons from the city of thousand temples
Colorfully yarns woven on a handloom by the weavers of Tamil Nadu, this sarees hails from the temple city 'Kanchipuram', well Known and called by many names Kanchi, Kanjivaram, Kanjeevaram and Conjevaram. Kancheepuram district is situated on the north east coast of Tamil Nadu. Kanchi cottons are distinguished by beautiful motifs woven, handwoven sarees are soft, airy and yet comfortable. Silk and cotton sarees of Kanchipuram are inspired by the temple designs.

Paithani Cotton and Silk Sarees ↗
Saturday' 13-Mar-2021
Priceless intricacies of Paithani Sarees
The art of weaving Paithani flourished during the 'Satvahana era' in the 200 B.C. The name Paithani is derived from small town Paithan is situated on the banks of the river Godavari located in Central India, Aurangabad district, Maharashtra state, India. The Nizam of Hyderabad was also an ardent admirer of Paithani sarees, the Peshwas took it upon themselves to promote the craft, and consequently, settled Paithani weavers in Yeola, which is now the manufacturing hub for Paithani. The Paithani saree is traditionally a part of the trousseau of every Maharashtrian bride. People here speak Marathi language and they lead simple life. There are many communities involved in weaving these beautiful sarees namely Khatri, Koshti, Swakula Sali are few known communities.

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Srikalahasti Art from India ↗
Saturday' 13-Mar-2021
Magic of Srikalahasti artist, Srikalahasti style
Here is yet another Srikalahasti style kalamkari saree from my closet depicting various avataras(descent) of Lord Vishnu such as Matsya, Kurma, Varaha, Vamana, Narasimha, etc. If you love art or a connoisseur or statement piece collector than you should grab one of these in your Timeless collections and one can wear these colorful handcrafted Srikalahasti style kalamkari sarees for board meetings, art festivals, raas(dandiya Raas), temples, etc.

Sarees are my passion | Videos ↗
Saturday' 13-Mar-2021

Bomkai sarees or Sonepuri Sarees ↗
Saturday' 13-Mar-2021
Immersed in traditional spun
A hint of tradition, one of the classy handloom saree from Odisha state called Bomkai sarees, these sarees are also called by Sonepuri sarees, produced in the village of Bomkai in Ganjam district, India. Bomkai sarees is named after the village Bomkai. The community who is involved in weaving these handloom sarees are 'Bhulia' community of Subarnapur district. GI tag is been provided for 'Bomkai Saree & Fabrics'. People here are very friendly, medium of communication here is Odia.

Kantha Art Work from India ↗
Saturday' 13-Mar-2021
Kantha Embroidery or Kantha art work
Kantha is one of the oldest forms of embroidery that originated in India. Earlier the Kantha sarees were usually draped by the women of West Bengal as to protect themselves against the cold weather. Kantha work is done by simple running stitches. Motifs such as fish, birds, ducks, trees, mountain, boat, footprint, animals, mosque, ratha, kantha motifs are very few examples.

Kasavu (Kerala) Saree ↗
Saturday' 13-Mar-2021
Mind blowing nature, abundant coconut trees, endless backyard greenery, peppercorns, famous backwaters, lush tea and rubber plantation, elegant houseboats, simple and hospitable smile, coffee, cardamom, Kalaripayattu the martial arts, Kutiyattam (theater art), elephants, thundering Kathakali classical Indian dance, Pookalam, coastal foods, Ayurveda, thick forest, richest temples in the world, highest literacy rate in India, traditional taste-bud-tingling cuisine, Naalukettu houses, temple festivals, gigantic western ghats yes it's known as God's Own Country, Kerala!

Ethnic Indian Sarees - Sarees are my passion ↗
Saturday' 13-Mar-2021
Here is a list of various Cotton and Silk Sarees from different parts of India.

Kanchi Cotton Sarees ↗
Saturday' 13-Mar-2021
A touch of tradition, Heritage cottons from the city of thousand temples
Colorfully yarns woven on a handloom by the weavers of Tamil Nadu, this sarees hails from the temple city 'Kanchipuram', well Known and called by many names Kanchi, Kanjivaram, Kanjeevaram and Conjevaram. Kancheepuram district is situated on the north east coast of Tamil Nadu. Kanchi cottons are distinguished by beautiful motifs woven, handwoven sarees are soft, airy and yet comfortable. Silk and cotton sarees of Kanchipuram are inspired by the temple designs.

Jute Sarees ↗
Saturday' 13-Mar-2021
The flamboyant Jute sarees, Sarees are my passion
I always fall in love with natural fibre products one among them is Jute, it is one of the most affordable natural fibres and also called as golden fibre. Jute is one of the versatile fibres, that has been used in raw materials for construction, packaging, textiles, non-textile and extensively used for sacking for agriculture goods. Here is a list of top countries who are producing Jute are India, Bangladesh, Myanmar, Nepal, Vietnam, Thailand, Uzbekistan, Brazil and People's Republic of China. There is a great demand for these sarees across the globe and these exquisite sarees are hand-crafted and there might be slight irregularities in weaving which enhances the fabric uniqueness and appeal.

Baluchari Sarees from West Bengal India ↗
Saturday' 13-Mar-2021
Invoking the magic of spectacular, Baluchari sarees
This beautiful garment is worn by women across India and Bangladesh. The origin of these sarees and roots dates back in Bengal, later produced in Murshidabad, but currently 'Bishnupur' town of 'Bankura district' and its surrounding places of West Bengal. Baluchar town from where it derives its name as Baluchari sarees. This marvelous place is famous for its exquisite terracotta temples and Malla Shree Krishna Raslilla. Beautifully made 'terracotta craft' is well known in this place. People here predominantly speak Bengali.

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Friday' 20-Jan-2023
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