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Ethnic Indian Sarees :: Coimbatore Cotton Sarees

Written by: Bindu Lakshmi Kankipati - Published: 20-Jun-2017

This summer, pleasant morning with earthy cottons

Aroma of freshly brewed coffee at home is an inspiration for me in the morning, twenty nine years back, I recalled, my dad saying I bought this 'Wet grinder' from business trip on a way, to my mother and now I'm gone grey, recollecting the past hailing from business backdrop, traveling passionates me and my dad!

Bustling around this place, well known for major hub for industries, textiles, commerce, education and information technology. Coimbatore, is also known by name 'Kovai' and also named as "Pump City", this busy city is one of the largest exporters of "Coimbatore wet grinder", jewellery, poultry and auto components with 'Kovai Cora Cotton sarees'. This gracious Coimbatore city is located on the banks of 'Noyyal river' and surrounded by the western ghats, and it's the second largest city in 'Tamil Nadu' state, India. While picturing around this beautiful vegetable market in the city of Coimbatore, I noticed people out here are grounded, simple and humble, what more can I say?

Generally considered as traditional city, very fine cotton mills are here, well a typical saree made in Coimbatore region is called as 'Kovai Cora cotton' or 'Kovai Kora cotton' sarees. Due to extreme summers and humid climatic here, always one cannot think of wearing heavy silk or just cottons, this led to innovation of 'Coimbatore sico sarees' here. Seamless saree are a best choice of fashion garment, no matter what occasion you are in.

Kora cotton saree are weaved on traditional hand-looms. Graceful saree takes around three days for weaving. Lovely 'Kovai Kora' are made from a blend of silk and cottons, this fine and superior quality cotton yarns is mixed with traditional silk to produce excellent Kora cottons and are weaved on traditional hand-looms.

The main body of the saree is eiher plain, they are very light weight, pallu(falling edge of the saree) have designs, wonderful classy sarees have brocaded borders with bright colored border and threadwork borders which are stunning, stripes are noticed in the saree, zari is not of much importance, just rarely used. Now a days new attractive patterns are seen, trendy designs and vibrant colors, which appeal to young chics, higher versions of these sarees carries handcrafted thread and zari work, which are very intricate and refined ones.