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Ethnic Indian Sarees :: Bandhani Sarees or Bandhej Sarees

Written by: Bindu Lakshmi Kankipati - Published: 31-Jul-2017

Meticulously tying the bonds of colorful junction

Bandhani is derived from Sanskrit word, bandh known as to-tie and patterns, colours are limitless. Wondering what are the varies names to Bandhani? called and known by varies names such as Bandhej, Piliya, Ghar Chola, Patori, Bandhni and in Tamil Nadu its known as Sungudi. Khatri of Kutch and Saurashtra community involved in making this colorful art since ages. Places in Rajasthan like Jaipur, Sikar, Bhilwara, Udaipur, Bikaner, Ajmer, Tamil Nadu and Jamnagar in Gujarat are the well known centers producing odhnis, sarees and turbans in Bandhani.

Based on the fabric Bandhani sarees are available in mediums such as

  • Bandhani or Bandhej georgette sarees
  • Bandhani or Bandhej cotton sarees
  • Bandhani or Bandhej chiffon sarees
  • Bandhani or Bandhej silk sarees (Kota silks, Satin silks)

Few types of Bandhani sarees which are manufactured are

  • Panetar saree
  • Garchola saree
  • Lahariya saree

Its a delight to shop around infinite products which carries tie-dye techniques inspired, you name it Bandhani sarees, Bandhani salwar Kamez, Bandhani duppatas, tie-dye pillow covers, Quilts, tie-dye T-shirts, tie-dye shorts, turbans(headwear based on cloth winding), scarfs, skirts, home furnishings, bed covers, curtains, wall hangings, tote Bags, tie and dye socks, the funky baby onesie, handkerchief, tie and dye hoodie, tie and dye maxi dress, tunic, tie and dye leggings, bib overalls, tie dye jogger pants and tie dye envelopes.

Paired up look-Book
Ultimate personalized transformation happens when you pair up with perfect Jewerally lines, the perfect match would be uncut diamonds, rose cut diamond necklines with Meenakari earrings.

Fabric care for Bandhani sarees
Specially crafted ones are designed, ornate and embellished, its a delicate crafted fabric and it requires special care, It may lose color as well, so check out for specific care instructions on the garment tag once you purchase and follow the instructions carefully, it addition to it, here are certain guidelines

  • Bandhani saree must only be dry cleaned if washing these sarees beware of color bleeding
  • While you are storing not to use sprays, deodorants or naphthalene balls, the fabric may be ruined
  • Do not wring or squeeze delicate fabric
  • One can steam press and iron the fabric as well