Ethnic Indian Sarees Art :: Phulkari embroidery

Fascinating art- Phulkari embroidery, Sarees are my passion

Embroidery being a needle craft, with colorful yarns to make varies design and patterns and to enhance the beauty fabric, this beautiful ancient handmade embroidery called Phulkari, is from Punjab, which is regarded as very auspicious for brides during marriage ceremonies and newborns.

Earlier days women once they complete household chores they used to get together in groups and used to chit chat now its a different era, now women are able to manage household and spend their time for valuable deeds, Phulkari is also known as Gulkari. The word Phulkari is split across two words, the word Phul means flower and kari means craft, which literally means the art which is done on flower craft or flower work. Earlier days they used coarse khaddar fabric traditionally but now a days they use any good quality fabric.These colorful work or Phulkari embroidery was done by Punjabi women, which was meant for personal use during their leisure hours and not for commercial use, later the craft was much in demand for Phulkari gets geographical indication(GI) tag.

Lots of bright and vibrant colors are been used, one can say that richness of threads are been showcased with artistic weaves, colors such as summer yellow, bright orange, blood red, navy blue, white, Rose pink shades which are very popular ones.

Tools and materials required to do Phulkari embroidery, here is a quick checklist

  • Wooden embroidery hoop ring frame
  • Embroidery threads or silk threads
  • Needle
  • Tracing paper
  • Tracing design of your choice
  • Tracing powder
  • Pen
  • Scissors
  • Fabric

Appealing Motifs
Motifs are can be termed as messengers, here motifs were inspired from everyday day life which are basically from vegetables,fruits, animals as well such as Chilli(Mirchi), karela bagh(bitter gourd), kakri(cucumber)Mor bagh(Peacock), gobhi(cauliflower), dhaniya(coriander), Wheat(Kanki), Parrot(Totha maina), Jasmin flower(Motia), Lotus(Kamal) and Sunflower(Surajmughi).

Products showcasing Phulkari embroidery are
Phulkari now embroidered not only on Phulkari Saree, Phulkari Kurta but also expanding to products like Phulkari Jacket, Phulkari Bag, Phulkari iPad case, Phulkari Cushion Cover, Phulkari Bedsheet, Phulkari work on Jutti, Phulkari Shawl, Phulkari Wallhangings, Phulkari Dupatta, Phulkari suit piece, Phulkari Pouch, Phulkari umbrella, Phulkari Shagan envelopes, Phulkari Coin Purse, Phulkari Hand Fan, Phulkari laces, Phulkari shoes, Phulkari slipper and also Phulkari kids garments, Phulkari Trousers and Phulkari wall hangings and so on.