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Ethnic Indian Saree Motifs :: Parrot Motif

Written by: Bindu Lakshmi Kankipati - Published: 10-Oct-2017

Parrot motif, the bird of love and fortuneteller, Sarees are my passion

You call them as pet birds, the bird of love, best known for fortune-telling, these small little birds who are extremely friendly, many times repeating people’s words and phrases. As a child, I do recollect when I used to shop, I used to say parrot green not much of shade/tones or hues I knew those days and Parrot are called by varies names such as Tota, Kili, gini, Popata, Chiluka, tatta, shua and so on and it is considered as auspicious symbol having one.

Parrot motifs, many a times often used in couture designed for both brides and grooms and are prominently present in textiles from West Bengal, Gujarat, Tamil Nadu and Rajasthan, this bird also represents lovers associations. Parrot motifs are widely used in Chanderi sarees, Paithani saree of Maharashtra, Kanchipuram Organza sarees, Kanchipuram silk sarees, Pochampally silk sarees and the art sarees called Kalamkari, this cute bird symbolising passion and courtship. Generally in Hinduism deities are the gods and goddesses, they typically have animal or mythical entity which is used as a Vahana(vehicle) means that which carries, bears or conveys. Different gods have different vahanas(sometimes animal vehicles), for example Kamadeva or Kama the Hindu god of human love or desire parrot is the vahana. Parrorts are also known as psittacines.

Almost each state in India, have their own religion, tradition, belief system and practices. Like wise each state in India based on religion has its own way of wearing a saree, in all saree weaving centres of India, these motifs have created magic and been developed over the centuries, still keeping age old tradition alive and refined based on the current trends, which become classics of India’s textile industry. To be more precise Indian motifs are mostly inspired by local culture, heritage, architecture, tradition, belief and nature, Owning one of these motifs becomes majestic.

Parrots motifs are used in sarees, block Printing, Rabari embroidery, used as patches in applique work, embellishment of blouse, wedding cards invitations, as brass vintage show pieces, lampshades decoratives, cushion cover, widely used in jewelry lines for necklaces, silver jhumkas with parrot motifs.

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