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Written by: Bindu Lakshmi Kankipati - Published: 22-Mar-2018

It was one of the most humid days of summer in March, Bangalore and all of a sudden earthy mud smell ha being 'Taurus' sun sign I really love to play in the mud, and with natures basket, it might also include rain as well and slightly it drizzled it was first rainfall of a season and I had this topic in mind for a long time, having a cup of green tea to refresh me, so now so let's get started.
Why Handpicked sarees are sold like hotcakes - Sarees are my passion

Why Handpicked sarees are sold like hotcakes!
In simple terms best of the best-refined version of sarees are selected from the pile of sarees, when it comes to uniqueness in terms of quality is the key and they never compromise, in terms of patterns, colors of choice and combinations, themes, motifs and designs are a much-refined version of sarees, whereas in a megastore/shop they cannot much do, because of they cater to the mass audience.

The key factors for selection include

  • Quality (never they compromise)
  • Uniqueness (traditional,Contemporary, modern)
  • Patterns, design, themes, motifs
  • Color and combination of shades
  • Adopting to trend needs
  • Choice of selection(and the talent to handpick)
  • Understanding the Psychological needs, tastes, and preferences of the other person

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Here is my Youtube video:
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Limited edition of sarees
As everyone knows when there is a limited edition, it is a restricted in terms of the number of handcrafted sarees, in fact, the number may be very low but limited to a specific number of copies.

Cost of the saree might be a bit higher
When it comes to Handpicked sarees they are limited as well and the cost of the saree is much higher for the services they offer, it's like having a convenience store nearby your home and they charge a bit higher for the convenience they offer, there are varies season why the cost of the saree is a bit higher it might be due to the limited edition, less number in production, labour is much higher for handcrafted products, quality and so on.

Niche market(selling the right product to right group)
Since it is a niche market, the specialized market for a particular narrowing the group, when the production is made in powerloom the cost of the saree is less( since it's made machines) and when it comes to handlooms the cost of production is a bit higher.

Sold in exhibitions/Homestore/designer fabric studio/Boutique
Although in India you have infinite online stores/ Mega shopping malls only the outstanding handpicked sarees are just selected this particular group, and they know exactly what to cater to specific group and they handpick and sometimes design the saree as well. For example in Bangalore few elite exhibitions which takes place Radisson, The Lalit Ashok, raintreebangalore, Hi Life Exhibitions and Vastrabharana at Chitrakala Parishath which exhibits the finest choices of products.

My personal note
That's why Handpicked sarees have so much value not only in terms of cost but interms of craftsmanship, uniqueness, quality end of the day, it really does not matter whether it was a very old traditional Chettinad saree in the recent days it's much of a fashion statements or a modern version of Organza saree, end of the day it depends on the choice of style each one has! Handpicked sarees are not only refined version but made it's name and fame for it's authenticity, elegance and sophistication.

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