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Written by: Bindu Lakshmi Kankipati - Published: 04-Apr-2019

One of the challenging factor when it comes to luxury market is getting the right people on board and targeting specifically for them is a niche. So much of ultra-refined, handcrafted series is required. But the fact is not always all are suited for this. Understanding them takes time and they hate wholesale market stuff. They value their time and they don't waste others time as well. Behind their thought process vintage, classic, collectible is just investments and which might in some times if they need to sell which fetch them back what they have invested!

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How to start a Home based Saree Business
How to start a Home based Saree Business ↗

At some point of time waking up in the morning and going to a job is not feasible as grow older right? How many of you think like that, the hierarchy in office which makes crazy, although we work hard like anyone else we don't get recognition nor promotions, this is a common pool that majority of them are facing today, some they share and some they don't share, basically after all this ups and downs in life once they cross thirty years or after they realize that 'I NEED BE MY BOSS' this is the peak time to start something which is fresh, so many follow their passion which they are good at. Passion is something which will not fetch any money to be frank, one needs to work towards it to make a profitable business. My advice to everyone is don't start Saree Business just because in your neighborhood someone is doing it, each and every ones road-map is unique. Each and every human in this planet is gifted with some talent, just that we have to allocate some time and discover the journey within us, Some may be talented in Crafts, some in Paintings, some in Business so discover your soul's inner peace and happiness and travel towards the same.

How to Identify a Mysore Silk Saree
How to Identify a Mysore Silk Saree ↗

How to Identify a Mysore Silk Saree

Flooded with an unlimited supply of so-called duplicate, replicated and imitation Mysore silk sarees in the local wholesale market saying it is a pure Mysore silk saree, how far it is true? let us just imagine a current per gram gold price is said three thousand and above, so in original Mysore silk saree, they use extensively use gold and silver zari, how can you get a Mysore silk saree worth less than a ten thousand(INR)? This is a logically based question that many fail to think before you invest and spend your hard earned money on fake silk sarees. So next time when you want to shop a rich heritage authentic Mysore silk saree, go to a reputed store, I have taken a very interesting short video on how to Identify a pure Mysore silk saree which will give basic knowledge and educate on authentic KSIC Mysore silk saree, do check it out.

Before you start a Saree Business
Before you start a Saree Business ↗

I see the younger generation of today although they study masters and get out of college and join some good firm and some point of time, they tend to quit routine 9 to 6 job, basically for two reasons, the first reason might be they are about to get 'Married' or second most important reason is 'Pregnancy' due to being able to deal with pressure in the workplace and rest during pregnancy is most valued reasons. During this time they tend to earn for their living at home while taking rest, what generally people fail to do some research and 'Basic prerequisite' before starting Saree Business, one should explore varies products, detailing, techniques and so many things. It's like failing to study the syllabus one full year and doing a last minute study. What you get the end of the day is mediocre results. Do check out this particular video from Sarees are my passion which is very important if you are looking at starting a Saree Business.

Understanding the choice of 50 year and above Women in Saree Business
Understanding the choice of 50 year and above Women in Saree Business ↗

In India local market I heard shop owners saying that we have Best Quality Saree, Best Price Saree, Wholesale Sarees. I always wonder, the educated crowd are they going to shop around on this? definitely, they say no please. The sophisticated group understand what is a plastic made recycled saree(synthetic versions) and authentic ones! They are always towards the art and crafts part end of the day, they read and update themselves.

So lets dive into the topic, when you cater fifty year and above Women in Saree Business one should understand them deep, not just getting products(Sarees) and trying to push them. One should understand consumer behavior towards the same. In India, it is unfortunate that each and every lane you can see they do Saree Business, but how many succeed is a question to be answered. Let us know more about how to cater 50 year and above Women in Saree Business.

Niche Korvai Kanchipuram Pattu Saree
Niche Korvai Kanchipuram Pattu Saree ↗

Two main reasons why people go to Kanchipuram is firstly to Kanchi Kamakshi Amman temple to take blessings from her, which is the most important shakti peetha temples in India and secondly to SHOP SHOP and SHOP again for all the stunning bride, for a BIG fat Indian wedding. Kanchivaram is a traditional silk saree from south India and each and every house would have endless collections of these pattu sarees. Basically, pattu means in regional Tamil language silk. Korvai is one of the complex technique used to weave Kanchipuram silk sarees, not all sarees which are woven in Kanchipuram are Korvai. These traditional Korvai Kanchivaram pattu saree are most priced, it would take anywhere between twenty days and above to weave one masterpiece saree, depending on the designs and complexity. So let us now have a look at impressive Korvai Kanchipuram pattu saree.