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VIDEOS 》 Understanding the choice of 50 year and above Women in Saree Business

In India local market I heard shop owners saying that we have Best Quality Saree, Best Price Saree, Wholesale Sarees. I always wonder, the educated crowd are they going to shop around on this? definitely, they say no please. The sophisticated group understand what is a plastic made recycled saree(synthetic versions) and authentic ones! They are always towards the art and crafts part end of the day, they read and update themselves.

So lets dive into the topic, when you cater fifty year and above Women in Saree Business one should understand them deep, not just getting products(Sarees) and trying to push them. One should understand consumer behavior towards the same. In India, it is unfortunate that each and every lane you can see they do Saree Business, but how many succeed is a question to be answered. Let us know more about how to cater 50 year and above Women in Saree Business.