Sarees are my passion

Ethnic Indian Sarees Art :: Toda embroidery or Pukhoor

Written by: Bindu Lakshmi Kankipati - Published: 28-Sep-2017

Simplicity lies the beauty- Toda Embroidery, Sarees are my passion

Tamil Nadu, the famous Mulberry silk called Kanchipuram Silks apart from this one can see magnificent craft called Toda embroidery, which is locally called as Pukhoor. This beautiful embroidery looks very refined as if it is done in a machine but done by beautiful hands, the hues such as charcoal black and pomegranate red with white canvas, what a blend of shades with impressive thread art, its mind-blowing!

The Todas are a small ancient pastoral community, Toda language is spoken by these tribes and who live in isolated Nilgiri hills practice this craft, this craft is been passed on through generations. It is Geographically tagged product, was granted Geographical Indication (GI) status. This embroidery is done lengthwise giving it a geometric appearance, Toda embroidery is reversible and can be use both sides. Interesting fact is that they only stitch used in this embroidery is darning stitch.

Tools and materials required to do Toda embroidery, here is a quick checklist

  • Base unbleached coarse fabric
  • Woollen threads in colors such as Black, Red
  • Needle
  • Scissors

Motifs are inspired by day to day life, nature, animals, flowers, colorful Peacock feathers, the Sun, moon, snakes, insects, geometric designs and floral designs, they do not trace the motifs but generally the motifs are worked by counting the threads.

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