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Written by: Bindu Lakshmi Kankipati - Published: 02-Feb-2018

Tassels are the finishing feature on fabric or any other clothing decoration! My wedding bells was around the corner, I was all alone to decide things, I made a checklist and I started one by one, ticking which was done and making a note which has to get complete, finally it was the turn of Tassels, so I decided based on the saree and blouse(Upper garment) to add a mix and match of silk threads and some additional ornamentation with some beads as well, but my designer was well talented and she knew what I wanted exactly and finished the work on time!

So here it is, my first saree Tassels in the portrait!

My First Saree Tassels - Sarees are my passion

In Indian, homemaker(housewife) once they complete their household work as a hobby, DIY projects, or an activity of interest they get engaged in this beautiful world of art. Sometimes they do this art for their friends, relatives or even for nearest fabric boutique and earn a decent pocket money as well, which will motivate them to do something better.

How many of you remember your Graduation hat which had a tassel? I just remembered now while I was writing this tassels article, these gorgeous pieces of art is also called as tufts or kucchu(regional language). But widely used in Saree tassels(kucchu), tassels earrings, luxury handmade furniture, leather tassels, tassel bracelet, beautifully decorated tassels in a shirt, tassels in curtains and so on. In a fast-moving world of fashion now readymade Tassels are available in the local market all one has to do is just trim the excess fabric and sew it and you are good to drape!

My personal note on Tassels for Saree would be a personally customized embellishment are always the best!

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